The goal of this project is to create a digital video and controller adapter for SNK's Neo Geo Pocket Color and to transform the handheld into a console.

Using the Consolizer kit that was originally designed for the Game Boy Advance, we can easily adapt it for use with the Neo Geo Pocket Color. All that is required is a video ribbon adapter to convert the 36-pin NGPC ribbon to the 40-pin format used by the Consolizer, and a hardware interface board which is what powers the NGPC and sends controller data to it. This project is more on the DIY side compared to the GBA Consolizer and a board enclosure won't be provided. It will share most of the same features and functionality that are in the GBA Consolizer with a few key differences which are listed below

-DVI+ audio. The Neo Geo Pocket Color doesn't have digital audio exposed on the main board and requires an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) to send audio along with the digital video. A PCM1808 24-bit stereo audio ADC is used with a basic analog filtering circuit. There is still a small amount of audio noise but overall it is better than using the headphone connector to source audio.

-The DVI output is locked at 60hz for all modes. The user will have the option to overclock the NGPC for low-latency operation, or run the NGPC at its original speed with a single frame buffer which results in screen-tearing and variable latency.

Below are some screenshots from the current prototype. The installation is fairly straightforward with only a few wires required for clock, buttons, and power. Also included is a coin cell battery holder and a solder pad for the original crystal. All modifications to the NGPC are easily reversible if you want to restore it to handheld form.