Far too often Sega Game Gears end up like the one above and become a fancy paper weight. This led creative fans to develop things like screen replacement mods, controller adapter boards, and TV output adapters. Current TV adapters for the Game Gear only output analog RGB video which is prone to interference, signal degradation, and compatibility issues in addition to requiring an expensive video upscaler to use on an HDTV.

Introducing a new way to play your Game Gear on an HDTV, the GGHD. This FPGA-based hardware addition for the Sega Game Gear provides a crisp 1280x720p video output over HDMI. Existing TV adapters often fail to fill the display’s vertical space, leaving the user with a small letter-boxed image. Going to 720p digital output solves this issue as it allows for 5x nearest neighbor scaling which fills the screen vertically with sharp pixels. The FPGA maintains correct aspect ratio and pixel aspect ratio, providing an authentic Game Gear experience.

A Sega Genesis controller is used to control the Game Gear. A small button is used for the start button. A new PCB is being designed which incorporates the Genesis controller connector on it. This will allow for the use of 3 and 6 button controllers including start button functionality. Installation requires some basic soldering, but all of the solder points are large and easy to access. The mod kit is being designed as a full console conversion kit.

It is still in the early prototyping phase, but the results are great so far. Below is a direct bitmap capture of the 720p GGHD output, the colors are vibrant and the pixels are sharp.